Thursday, 10 August 2017

A strange medieval revival.

Q- Is the future of retail soulless uniformity.

One unexpected result of the Internet economy is the revival of medieval patterns of trade. This happens because the old ways are more human and more Instagram friendly than the new. Whoever heard of someone taking an Instagram selfie while shopping on Amazon? I like to support this revival when I can. It makes the world more interesting.
Medieval street plans (this one in the St Paul's area) naturally calm traffic and absorb sound better than glass and steel. They make shopping for a sandwich and a cup of coffee into a fascinating exploration of side streets and lanes.

Medieval architecture is also fantastically compact and multi purposed. A single building such as this church in the City may provide a place of worship, beauty, charitable service, community meeting place and a clock tower at a single location.
The medieval world was also more colourful than generally imagined. This Oxford example is a recreation but authentically gaudy. Notice how the public are drawn in off the street to gawp and wonder at it all. Who does this in a modern town hall?

A- No.

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