Thursday, 8 December 2016

The City is a thing apart.

The City of London is the place I feel most at ease in the world. This may be because it is built according to the medieval street plan- all narrow streets and hidden courtyards. Everything is on a human scale.

The City has a fantastic profusion of churches. All are beautiful and they are usually open to look around.

There are dragons.. everywhere. It has its own flag, constitution and tradition. The British state treads lightly here. Even the Queen follows the rules.
A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

The city is also known for peculiar cast iron bollards (with dragons added for effect).

You may think of it as the Vatican but devoted to Mammon and not God. Everyone is polite here but they tell the truth too.

The City is the strangest of all things- a non political government with a system that promotes on merit and not popularity. It concerns itself with economic issues and leaves the individual alone- the wet dream of the libertarian- and it actually exists.

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