Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Points, not Pokemon.

There is nothing like the pleasure of making one pound do the work of three. I will spend twenty five pounds a month with the aim of earning as many loyalty points as possible. In a sense I will spend the money three times over. First I will have the pleasure of spending the money. Second I will get something free in return and third, I will have researched a useful article in the process.

I chase loyalty points as others chase Pokemon.

Oxford and Regent streets in London.
£03 Subway lunch deal (subway loyalty points earned).

£00 Use up all of my McDonald coffee stamp cards as these expire on Jan 1st.

£10 Tesco meal deal. The high point of this is some very good wine and the opportunity to earn some vouchers back through Tesco Orchard. Clubcard points are earned and converted into Avios at a good rate.

£10 M&S meal deal with good food value, a less useful loyalty scheme and fairly good wine.

In addition to the food I will earn about 25 Avios, some vouchers and a small charitable donation. Three cups of coffee.

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