Wednesday, 28 December 2016

January trades.

In January I shall place no financial trades. This is not to say I will be economically inactive- I will spend my time educating myself and this will cost a little money. 
Trading is the dream of many. Few succeed.
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The dragon-guardian of the City and a rare wine merchant. This is what I like. 

I think I have time to complete four certificates by the end of January but I will need to work hard and drink lots of coffee.

Fundamentals of accounting. This will help me track my own money as it grows.

Fundamentals of financial accounting. This will help me read a balance sheet.

Fundamentals of Economics. This will help me to understand the macro economic factors of investing.

Stocks and short selling. The exact mechanics of short selling are a mystery to me at present.

Please join me if you wish.

As a side note, I have bought myself a hunting flask as I have always wanted one- but never had a need of one to be honest. Available on Amazon.

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