Monday, 10 October 2016

The Politics of the Loyalty Currency.

Does anyone think it is a coincidence that anti male advertising began to decline at about the same time that every retailer decided it needed a loyalty card?

I sign up for every loyalty scheme available. It is a hobby of mine and it lets the marketeers know that some men shop for their own needs. You might think they would know this already but apparently they need to find this out by analyzing marketing data. Furthermore it is possible to game some schemes such as this one from Tesco.

The way to maximize the value of Clubcard points is to exchange them for something not offered by Tesco. This can multiply the value up to sixteen fold.

 The best value to be found is almost certainly the £10 'finest' meal deal.

A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

This offering has improved under 'Drastic Dave' who is trying to rescue the company. It has become less 'poncey' and offers seemingly basic but top quality food made from the best ingredients. I was impressed.

What to do now? Get yourself a Tesco Clubcard!

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