Thursday, 6 October 2016

How I mastered Morrison More.

Morrison supermarkets are currently doing quite well following a period of under performance. How may we share in the success?

Morrison run a loyalty scheme that offers average benefits for the sector. For a long time it was simply one of those cards I had in my wallet and did not use. Recently I have looked again and discovered there are ways to make Morrison work very well indeed.
The first question we must ask is- what is worth buying even without the points? Morrison are particularly good at the following.

They have an excellent in store bakery.
They have in store brands that win awards. I particularly like 'm savers' and 'Morrison the best'. This fits well with my current philosophy of buying the top and the bottom of every range but avoiding the middle.

First we have m savers.
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Disinfectant (30p). Toilet block (30p). Soap (42p). Mozzarella (43p). Feta (75p). All of this is very cheap where cheapness will do. I like the smell of the disinfectant for some strange reason. From a marketing point of view the most interesting thing is the packaging. Morrison were the first supermarket to make their value brand visually appealing. Most supermarkets do not want us to choose this option.

A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

This is the premium brand. Pork and Venison Sausages plus Pork and Bramley apple (£4). These are delicious and cheaper than one might think as lean meat does not shrink much in cooking. 
Further action- get a Morrison card.


  1. I'm keen on Morrisons and their More card too, even if I did like it better when it was Match & More! Also like the M Savers mozzarella, and can recommend the M savers version of feta, even if they do have to call it "Green Style cheese" instead. If you like premium sausages, the Shopmium cashback app is offering assorted Debbie & Andrews sausages half price for £1.50. If you look at my recent post on supermarket cashback apps, there's a referral code for a free bar of Green and Blacks if you sign up for Shopmium on a smartphone. Good luck with your targets, to quote a competing supermarket I reckon every little helps!

  2. Thank you for the useful and informative reply!

  3. I will cover the apps and the science of womb long in a later post- I did not want to over complicate things.

  4. I am not greatly upset by the loss of price matching as I see own brand as Morrisons chief strength. Prices seem to have narrowed slightly between ALDI and Morrison in compensation.

  5. Science of wombling. Not science of womb.


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