Friday, 30 September 2016

Swagbucks- making it pay.

Swagbucks- is it worth our time?

Swagbucks is a peculiar online programme that pays us to do many of the things we do already. This includes watching videos, making internet searches and playing games. The down side? These enjoyable activities do not pay very well- as little as eight pence an hour in some cases but if we enjoy them why not?

Other activities pay a great deal better as we shall see..

Swagbucks has worked well for me so far. I keep it on the back burner and watch my points add up without having to think about it very much. The chief downside is that I am paid in gift vouchers and not cash but this may have tax advantages.

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The picture is from a recent trip to Oxford. Once you have mastered what I teach here you will have time to notice your surroundings.

So how do the big winners play the game? Some activities pay better than others. Surveys- usually on interesting subjects- pay about 30p per hour while watching videos pays a fraction of this already low amount.

Clearly Swagbucks will never be a job but what if one is feeling bored at work? Rather than checking Facebook for the tenth time that day, why not fill in a survey? If our boss passes the desk it looks as if we are hard at work and it is certainly more productive than a cat video.

The real money is had in the referrals. If someone joins through you then you will receive ten percent of everything they earn. This does not come out of their pocket in any way- it comes direct from Swagbucks.

You may refer members in a number of ways- via social media or email. There is no need to have a blog and it can add up to a worthwhile sum quite quickly. A thousand members who return from time to time would probably be a living wage.

I therefore ask you to join through this site if you are not already a member. There is a banner advert below and a link advert to the right. By doing it this way you will aid the site at no cost to yourself. I would like nothing better than to work at this blog full time. I want to be your full time money assistant!

Thank you and enjoy!

Further action- join swagbucks!

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