Monday, 26 September 2016

How to use a Kindle Paperwhite to find a job.

There is no greater satisfaction than making something cheap and single purpose do the job of something expensive. Can we use this philosophy to make ourselves more employable?

I generally carry a kindle so that I might have something to read in my down time. I decided to find a way to hold some of my qualifications on the kindle too so that they would always be available to me when needed.

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I love using primitive and cheap technology for purposes it was never designed to fulfil.

The Kindle Paperwhite is designed to be an e-book reader and nothing else. It is robust and relatively cheap and slips in the pocket nicely.

I have found a way to turn it into a moderately effective job hunting tool.

Start by finding your kindle email address. This may be discovered by resting the finger on the three bar logo on the top right of the screen. Choose Device Options, then Personalise Your Kindle and finally Send-to-Kindle E.mail.

Send PDF copies of your certificates.

Rest your finger on the documents. Then sort into collections.

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Keep your collections until you need to leaf through them with an employer or business contact. They display quite nicely as follows.

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This is all the more impressive because it is not try-hard and your employer is probably unaware a Kindle may be made to do this.

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On a related level it is also possible to post our Alison certificates on Facebook by means of Kindle without paying the usual Alison charge for doing so. Simply turn the lights out, take a photograph of the Kindle and post the resulting image.

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