Sunday, 14 August 2016

Why Google Drive is (probably) better than Dropbox.

Dropbox is a lovely service that functioned beautifully.  So why do I no longer use it?

Each person must find there own solutions. Google drive integrates better with blogger and chrome, it has greater capacity and can be tweaked in interesting ways.

The first photograph is from a City church (I forget which one) and the second is an example of Gothic architecture from the Victoria and Albert museum.

Both Google Drive and Dropbox act as a virtual hard drive, saving documents and images created on one computer and making them available on all. Dropbox is intuitive and integrates wonderfully between different platforms and I have never had a problem with it.

So why change?

Dropbox only offers 6GB of storage as standard which sounds a great deal but it does not amount to a great hill of beans when one is taking high definition photographs every day. Google Drive offers 15GB as standard and offers a bonus to people like me. If I opt to have my photographs compressed I may upload unlimited numbers of them without having them count against my data limit. In addition, owners of Chromebook computers receive an additional 100GB on top of this.

Once a photograph is on the google system it may be transferred to blogger or used anywhere within the Google world without much fuss. The fact these images have been compressed may also mean they load faster in places with poor Internet speeds.

The disadvantage in going google is that I may find myself progressively locked into their systems and I may lose the original full resolution versions of my photographs.

Right now I am prepared to risk this.

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