Saturday, 13 August 2016

Kindle privacy.

We may be minding our own business but is someone minding ours? In modern Britain it is safer to keep our opinions to ourselves in public and not to be caught reading anything that is not politically correct.

Keep your boss ignorant of your views. By doing so you help him to do his job better as his view of you will not be affected by his politics.

Punishment for wrong opinions does not come from the law. It comes from an army of gossips who will conclude we keep a house slave and whip him daily.

More people should read in London. It has inspired so many books.

Many of us have Kindles now. These are useful because they have no picture covers but they can still be read over the shoulder. We may prevent the snooper from knowing the title of the books we read using the following methods.

Set up an access number on the front screen. This prevents the idle snooper from tapping the screen and seeing all that one has read recently.

Organise ones reading into 'collections'. The primary purpose of the collection is to organised ones reading into themes. Collections also keep the titles of the books off the top screen. I have a London Money collection and a London Gentleman Revival collection for the various books I am reading to research these blogs. No casual viewer is any the wiser for having seen this.

Turn off 'suggestions' if it is possible to do so (not everyone can). Suggestions is an Amazon marketing tool that suggest things we may like based upon past reading. The problem is that if someone else sees our suggestions they will have a good idea of our reading habits up until that time.
Once we have the reputation of being an independent thinker we will never be free of it. We must share our thoughts with people we trust and no one else.

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