Thursday, 18 August 2016

Three oddities.

This blog is about noticing things others do not. Sometimes the meaning is clear. Sometimes not.

What do you make of this?
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If this is the future you are not going to like it.

I visited Harris and Hoole yesterday because I had a free coffee as a reward for downloading their app. I walked into their store and the app leaps into life- ordering the coffee for me without troubling to check my own views. The app felt entitled to do this because I had already stated my preference while downloading it.

This was, I was told 'to save time'- but whose time did it save really? I spent five minutes setting up the app so that the barista could save fifteen seconds in dealing with me.

Well, I received my coffee which was produced with a degree of showmanship and a pretty picture made of bubbles on the top. It turned out too sweet to drink and the corporate efforts not to look corporate were a little too sweet too.

I visited Peter Jones (part of the John Lewis partnership). This shop is employee owned and treats its staff very well. I shop to support the workers.

The picture is of a mosaic near the door.

It is very dangerous to visit a shop such as this one as I come to want things I had never before wanted. I saw espresso machines that looked like steam engines. All pipes, chrome and steam gauges. Poop Poop! Of course I had to have one!! It takes up half my kitchen now and produces a creamy liquid that is not quite coffee but is very nice in its own way.

A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

This sign appeared near a City building site a while ago. A walking neon man. It slows traffic down more than any static sign because the contractors mistake it for a pedestrian stepping out under their truck. Clever.

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