Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Cost of Stuff.

Stuff is expensive. It costs us time, mental energy and money.

'Stuff' costs more than we think. There is the initial cost, the opportunity cost (what we could have spent the money on) and an emotional cost. Sooner or later our lovely stuff will become junk, or will be broken or stolen. This is painful- often more painful than the original purchase was pleasurable.

I have yet to go cold turkey on stuff- despite advising others to do so. Sometimes I give better advice to my readers than to myself.
The initial cost to buying less stuff is emotional- yet this pain is an investment. The pain we feel by leaving our lovely things on the shop shelf is less than the pain of curating then for twenty years. The money we save is a bonus.
A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

The top photograph is the famous Selfridges in Birmingham. The second photograph is from Oxford. This shop is the one that provides costumes for the notorious Bullingdon Club that British prime minsters are commonly members of while at Oxford.

The less 'stuff' we have the greater our savings are likely to be and the more free we are likely to be as well.

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