Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Bridge and the Rope.

A man is crossing a bridge to his future.  Halfway across he met a person who handed him one end of a rope. "Hold this very tightly" she said "for my life depends on it".

The man gripped the rope tightly and before he could stop her she flung herself from the bridge!
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The Millennium Bridge (known locally as the wibbly wobbly bridge).

The man clung to the rope as tightly as he could as he realised that the woman had been telling the truth! If he let go she would surely die!

He looked around him for some help or something to tie the rope to. There was nothing. The man was strong and so he was able to pull the woman up three times, almost to the point of safety, but each time she threw herself down again. "Heeeeeeelp meeeeeeee!!" was all she would say.

Eventually the man realised that he was tiring and it was growing dark. He would be pulled over the edge and meet his death before the following morning.

He gave her one last chance to live. He called over to her and told her that he still had strength to pull her up if she helped him by climbing as he did so.

"Heeeeeelp meeeeeee!" Came her reply.

Yet still she did nothing to save herself.

At the last of his strength the man told her. "I respect your choice" and released the rope.

He continued across the bridge to his future.

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