Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Art Diet.

Can art make us thin? There are 531 art galleries in London. If I visit them all I will certainly burn some calories.

I have discovered an entire Internet subculture of simply walking around and looking at things. To do so is to be a flaneur.
To be pedantic, it is not the art but the walking that makes us slim. No matter. To walk one must have a destination and art can provide this.

I have noticed there is a correlation between people with a developed aesthetic sense and people who are themselves aesthetically pleasing. This connection probably exists below the conscious mind.

Art may be found everywhere, not just where one would expect to find it. This is the ceiling of Fortnums (the supermarket of the queen). Everything is beautiful there but I had never noticed the ceiling before.
A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

The first picture is of St James palace in London. The second is of Fortnum and Mason nearby.

Sometimes I visit a slow food market for lunch. The point is not the food- delicious though it is. The point is to slow down and notice ones surroundings.

I finish a healthy meal feeling quite happy. Chubby people are people who have not identified pleasures to replace food. They are not 'weak'. It is that they have not exercised the imagination.

The art diet replaces unused gym memberships, dodgy pills and shakes and no end of expensive nonsense.

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