Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Ego casts a long shadow.

The notion that things happen for a reason is egotism. The universe is indifferent to us and the only meaning events have is the one we choose to give them. 
We are not that important.

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Spooky London architecture.

The conspiracy theorist faces the terrifying prospect of a meaningless universe in which he has no place. In order to overcome this he creates monsters that pursue him and secret signs to guide him that only he can see. This may seem alarming but actually it is comforting as it makes the conspiracy theorists the centre of events.

It takes courage to accept ones own lack of importance in the universe. Once this is done it is possible to accept good fortune without guilt. It is also possible to deal with bad luck without asking 'why me?'

Rejecting conspiracy theory is also good for our financial life. There are many conspiracy 'investments' on the Internet such as perpetual motion machines and 'free energy' scams. All of them rely upon our willingness to believe that some mysterious conspiracy is trying to suppress the truth. Please do not fall for this yourself.

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