Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Marie Antoinette with the Blue Hair.

The great myth of modern times is the idea that the 1950's family has always existed. In fact this state is quite rare. It is expensive to have a woman work full time rearing children. The poor cannot do it and the rich do not care to because they can outsource this work to nanny.

Family life is a luxury the poor cannot afford.

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When feminists talk about 'patriarchy' they are looking back at their own privileged and middle class families and rebelling against something that has only ever really existed for them. It tells us more about them than what they attack.

In this way feminism imposes its own narrow viewpoint upon less privileged folk- opposing something that most people cannot even dream of having. This is a double tragedy. Firstly it insults poor people rather like Marie Antoinette telling the poor to eat cake because they cannot afford bread. Secondly it reminds the poor how little they have in life. How poor must a person be if ones greatest dream is regarded as beneath contempt by a wealthy feminist?

Most of the world would love the chance to see their own children more. Let us not insult them.

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