Sunday, 14 August 2016

iTunes U? Useful for the right person.

The iTunes app (which should not be confused with iTunes) offers recorded lectures and course materials from most of the worlds top universities- all free of charge.

How useful is the service? It is very useful to someone who simply wishes to know a subject but does not want a qualification to show to an employer.

ShortA photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

The first photograph shows some of the astrological symbolism that may be found in the City. The second is a nearby shop display.

This blog is mainly read by reactionary folk- who tend to study for different reasons than the average progressive. We study in order to be able to do something specific. The other lot go to university in order to get a pat on the head by someone in authority and to establish a group identity for themselves such as becoming a Social Justice Warrior.

iTunes U cannot help with such affectations. It is about learning is the quickest and cheapest way possible.

This means that services such as iTunes U are more useful to us than the other side. It is a service for busy people- we choose our course, download it and process the materials in our own time. There is no examination or qualification at the end. The only reward is that we can now do something that previously we could not.

I did a short course by the Open University on the subject of essay writing. I hope it will improve my writing here. We shall see.

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