Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Be the wizard!

The wealthy and the powerful rarely get their hands dirty. They direct others from behind a screen like the Wizard of Oz.

The rich are different. They do not pay tax and they do not go to prison. They own the prisons.
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The way this is usually done is that they do not act directly. When a poor person does something he does it under his own legal identity. This means that he is always 'naked' under the law. All trouble comes directly to him.

When a rich person wishes to do something he does so via a proxy. He may create a company (that is a legal person in itself) that will stand in front of him and take the bullet if his actions are discovered.

He may stand behind a social shield such as political correctness. If we discuss the plundering of public service by feminist non profits then we hate women. If we expose the plunder of the banks we are anti Semitic and so on.

Rich people control the governments of the world. Any criticism of the wealthy will be punished by a state that believes itself to be protecting the powerless. The more evil a group the better protected it usually is.

Corporations such as the Church of Scientology (and many others) pretend to be a a religion as do Islamic terrorists. Social Justice bullies hide behind 'equality'.

We should consider using the same technology- not because we are evil but because we need to remain free to expose evil.

Here are a few defenses that will protect us to a degree.

We should invest our time and our love in our friends. Our friends are the only things we have that cannot be taken from us.

Memories of good times can never be stolen and in one sense they remain even when our bodies die. Past happiness remains a fact even when we have passed away. They may take our future but the past remains.

Law is 90% bluff and intimidation. It cannot silence is if we value the truth above our own life.

Register with immobilise this is free of charge. Create a database of all your belongings and registration numbers. If you are robbed this information may be instantly shared with the police and the second hand trade to make your goods harder to sell.

If your email is with Yahoo you may set up a disposable (fake) email address for spam merchants. When the mail gets too much just delete the disposable address.

If you are in the habit of reading your Yahoo Mail on a public computer, go into Mail Settings and select 'always use SSL'.

Some of the nuttier feminists believe in believe in 'women's magic'. This is pure woo but it can make us sick if we buy into it. Many of us do even though we would deny it publicly. One defense is to take magical countermeasures. If magic is woo then no harm has been done. If it is real then it will rebound upon those who curse us. Either way we are safe.

I have buried a charm at a particular location that is significant to believers in Wicca. It has the supposed effect of reflecting the evil intent of others back upon them. This uses the power of suggestion against the sender and my friends are protected too.

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  1. You might want to explore http://jjluna.com/ on the subject of privacy and how/where to own assets. He has some good suggestions in links at the top of the page, or at least I found them good.


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