Thursday, 4 August 2016

A strange tale is this.

I downloaded 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill- mainly because it was free on the Kindle store.

When sophistication fails- try naivety.

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It drew me in. Not by sophisticated argument, but because something within me responded to it.

The essence of the book is simple. Resolve to be rich- believe success is assured and we will be right! It is 'The Secret' for a more innocent age.

Some practical advice was given- we need to form 'mastermind groups' of ambitious people with different skills to ourselves and to meet with them regularly.

Not having anything to lose I tried to imagine myself rich. I could not.

Could I feel myself in possession of £100,000? £50,000? I changed down and down until I realized I could only imagine myself in possession of an extra £250 this month and an additional £500 the next.

By the end of that Friday I had indeed achieved this. Most was by spotting an error in my wages but part was bills I felt I could reduce.

It came to an additional £250 a month. Not a penny more or less.


I spent the weekend reflecting upon this and came to the conclusion that no magic was taking place. I had simply become more open to good entering my life. The problem was that I could not see this happening month after month until I became rich. It seemed a little far fetched to me so I sat down and recalled how easy it had proved to be. I replayed the event over and over again until I felt some kind of  'click' in my mind and I became excited for the coming Monday morning.

This is here things become a little strange. Unknown to me I was due an annual appraisal that day and was put forward for management training. My appraisal was no better than before but I was asked why I never promoted myself. I told him I was doing so now and was given the training of the spot.

Tuesday was a little quiet. In my mind I had decided that this training was simply part of next months installment and I expected little more. Nevertheless strange things kept happening. I passed one man (who I did not know) who told me that an upmarket cake shop (Konditor and Cook) was giving away free brownies. I had two and added my name to a free cake list as well. Later in the day I clicked upon my email and noticed that a posh burger chain (GBK) were giving me a free burger and side. I had never used them before so it was as much a gift as the brownies earlier.

I ate my burger in a restaurant above a medieval dungeon/theme park and pondered on the ways my life had become more interesting recently.

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Today is Wednesday. Out of the blue I recalled a business idea I had come up with and then put aside for later. Suddenly it seemed real and exciting where previously it seemed an intellectual exercise. The entire thing had incubated into burning desire- exactly what Napoleon Hill advises!

I have been building my sense of wealth with salmon breakfasts and wacky designer coffees but I felt that my latest epiphany was worth a lobster and some good wine. Did you know there were different kinds of lobsters? I had a good one.

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I am inspired in equal measure by the blind optimism of Napoleon Hill and the souring ambition of City architecture. Both come from the same source, I think.

I am in a public library right now researching my idea and feeling a strange kind of contented excitement.

Something good will happen tomorrow.

The day after too.

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