Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Permanent travel.

Everyone needs a foreign bolthole. I sincerely hope that none of us ever need to call upon it- but we need the bolthole just the same.

Tyranny may not be sudden. We lose our freedoms one by one but never so dramatically that it frightens us.

Nobody knows what the future holds economically but it is fairy certain that the regressive left will lash out in some repressive spasm before accepting defeat.

We need political insurance.

A photo posted by Richard Ford (@richard.ford) on

A park bench in a City park and St Laurence Jewry where initiations take place.

We must be an asset to any nation takes us in. The world does not owe us anything.

I.T is a portable skill- as is language teaching and their are many others. To be truly useful we should have three or more parallel carers that will ensure a good life wether we stay or leave.

We have become soft. What appears to be alarmist in our own countries is daily reality across much of the world.

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