Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Invisible money is the best money.

Many people work like dogs until they cannot think and then become corporate zombies. Economists tell us this is not even a good way to get things done as productivity drops alarmingly when we become tired. Yet we continue to kill ourselves as a form of virtue signalling and in this way rob our children of a two parent family. 

What if there were a better way? What if we could spend money right now and have it come back to us to be spent all over again?

Could this be the time to live our dreams?

Right now it is hard to find a good investment. Interest rates are low and equity markets are high. What are we to do?

Blow the whole lot! Find productive ways to spend the money by turning it into a paying asset.
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The first picture is of Postman's Park in the City. The second is a bank branch in Fleet St.

This has the added advantage of making it invisible to the tax man and to divorce lawyers. The object is to dispose of all our money one way or the other so that we have only a few pounds in our current account to avoid bank charges. For all the world we appear to be paupers but in reality we are building invisible assets. We are accumulating knowledge, physical health, business contacts and friends. Somehow the more we empty our bank account this way the more other people fill it up again.

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