Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Empty Square.

David Cameron promised us a plague of locusts if we left the European Union. He promised us boils and frogs. He promised Godzilla!

What actually happened the day after independence? 

No place is more empty than where we expect to see a crowd. This is the square in front of the Bank of England, normally so lively, the day after the referendum. Where was everyone? Most of the people normally found there were in bed sleeping off the excitement of the previous night. Some far richer than they were the day before and some much poorer.

This was one of those rare moments one can smell the fabric of history in the weave.

A photo posted by Richard Ford (@richard.ford) on

Between the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange.

Television cameras littered the square like the abandoned weapons of a retreating army and a police helicopter circled overhead. Was this London or Baghdad?

Economics is not a dry science. It is triumph and disaster. It is a story of human beings.

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