Sunday, 29 May 2016

Fear their wolfish breath.

Our rulers tell us not to panic. They have everything in hand- but while they say this they buy gold and build underground hideouts for themselves.

I say we should do as they do- and not as they say.

The photograph is of Jermyn st in Piccadilly with Sharpes Pixley at the end. Sharpes Pixley is an upmarket showroom where one may buy a gold bar for three hundred thousand pounds and have it placed in a vault beneath the showroom. I was surprised to find this shut on a Saturday but realise that their typical customer has a house in the country. I took the long shot because I wanted to show you the sort of area these enterprises may now be found.
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Companies such as Sharpes Pixley are proto-banks that operate the way banks used to operate prior to fractional banking. They are crash proof even if the entire financial system fails and it should worry us to find them springing up now as their customer base is the best informed in the country.

Investing in gold bars only makes sense if the entire system is about to crash- and these are the people who run the system!
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Nearby is Princes Arcade. The shop on the left is the Left Shoe Company that creates individual made to measure shoes to the customers specification. This is not as expensive as it sounds and will be even cheaper to the readers of London Gentleman Revival- quote my customer number which is 491959 and receive a discount.

Unfortunately I must buy a pair myself to do this. I fell in love with cordovan (horse) leather which really is expensive but a shoe made out of horse has a certain shit lord appeal.

I would have placed an order if I had only seen the cheap ones. It is somewhat ironic that I find myself thinking of spending £800 on a pair of shoes as I predict economic ruin but our political masters do both. Do as they do and watch Rome burn in handmade shoes! 
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I found one more indication of our rulers mood. This is a bookshop that sells nostalgia to an elite that believes it's best days are behind it. Men in white suits serve cocktails and old world lounge music plays. The books are of the glamour of a lost age. This is nostalgia for the frightened rich.

The wealthy have been buying art for some time as an inflation hedge. They buy gold for much the same reason

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