Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Russian Doll.

How do this rich remain rich? They live a life by proxy. It is not that hard once we know the basics.

Hide like a rich person.

A rich person is rather like a Russian doll. We see the doll but realize that there is another doll within it. Within this smaller doll there is another, even smaller doll and so on. Eventually we come to a tiny solid doll, no bigger than a jelly baby.

You may believe you have made an agreement with a wealthy man but you have not. You have contracted with a corporation. All liabilities fall to the corporation. None to the rich man. Our own promises on the other hand are personal and inescapable.

Behind the rich mans corporation is another corporate identity and so on. The true individual exists behind many curtains pulling levers and pressing buttons but is never held accountable. Some legal fiction exists between the action and the actor.
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The College of Arms and the Temple, both in the City.

Hide behind corporations whenever possible. We need not even own the companies we hide behind. Indeed it is better we do not. Avoid self employed status if at all possible. Do not enter into unlimited liability partnerships.

The worst form of legal partnership is marriage.

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