Sunday, 12 August 2018

The cost of spam.

Spam is expensive because it wastes our time, but it is part of a far larger time wasting problem.
  • There are spam email, spam snail mail, spam emotional dramas, spam requests for consideration such as political correctness. 
How to stop email.

How to stop snail mail.

  • Beware of people with little going on in their lives. They like to have the same conversations over and over again. To avoid this without rudeness, create a false sense of urgency. Always be going somewhere even if you are not. Repetitive people are not bad people. Their problem is that they have too much time and we have too little.
  • Screen telephone calls and be careful who you give your number to. Block numbers without mercy if they waste your time.
  • iPhone owners may also download apps that will cause the screen to flash red when a known spammer is calling. Block and forget.

How to stop junk phone calls.

  • We have become so eager to talk to the world that we no no longer ask ourselves why we are doing so. Limit Facebook time or go cold turkey- with the exception of my own totally non spammy content of course.

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