Friday, 18 December 2015

The uses of Pintrest.

Pintrest is the social network men do not get. Around 95% of the user base is female. This is proof of the obvious. Men and women are simply different.

There are people who claim to make their living from Pintrest. I am not entirely sure I believe them but I am sure they make something.
A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

The pictures are from the City. Once a place where things were made, then a trading center. Increasingly it is a place of Internet startups.

Pintrest is a social media site whereby images are posted and commented upon. Stealing other peoples content is actively encouraged and so a telling image will go viral very quickly.

It is also easy to attach a link to every image we post so that it leads to a blog or a sales page. For this reason I will create my own content and hope that someone picks up on it.

The images that do best are fashion and beauty related- two subjects I know nothing about. I will put more time into this as the year wears on.

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