Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The uses of Flipboard.

Flipboard allows us to become curators of our own on line experience. We see something cool and 'flip' the page into an on line magazine for ourselves or for others.

Flipboard is a more social alternative to the bookmark on our browser. 

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Oxford and the City. Flipboard allows us to curate odd things into albums.

Here is my Flipboard page for this blog. It is most useful if you have an iOS or Android device so that you may download the app.

I am using it as a research tool. If I see a useful looking article I will pin it to read later which makes it a raw version of this blog. I will also look after those people who link to me by posting their articles too and hopefully drive traffic there.

You will also find a page for my other blog, the London Gentleman Revival. This will contain pins related to my favorite clubs, restaurants and art galleries and may give you an idea of how your life will improve if you follow the first blog.

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