Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Where the billionaires chill.

London has more billionaires than any other place. They feel it is there town and they are probably right.
How the rich prep.
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The famous and the infamous can blend with the vastness of London and disappear.

London is the bug out location for the worlds super rich. The poor think they can escape to the country and live off leaves and dead squirrels. The wealthy have a different plan- they book take an entire floor of a luxury hotel and survive in style.

The UK maintains good relations with all major trading blocs even after brexit. There is also a cachet in running a business from London. For many people this seems more legitimate than the same scheme run from Lagos.

London is therefore the bug out location for fugitive billionaires.

According to the Evening Standard there are now more than four thousand of these mobile super rich (with at least twenty million pounds in visible assets) in London- more than any other city.

They are highly secretive and highly security conscious. Many of them have bought apartments at 1 Hyde Park- the most expensive apartments in the world.

What does the plutocrat receive for this money? Basically the most luxurious bug out location in the world. The windows are bullet proof and the complex is under positive air pressure to prevent gas attack. If this does not suffice the residents can retreat to an underground bunker or even escape via a secret passage.

Naturally the building is well guarded, not only by in house security officers but by the deliberate positioning of the building close to an army barracks and armed diplomatic protection police. All incoming mail is scanned and even the maids and the nannies are security checked.

I am reminded of the song 'Hotel California' by the Eagles. All places are the same to the super rich- they may go wherever they wish but they never leave their luxury bubble.

The elite get a free pass from the media. If an ordinary person starts stockpiling food they are called mad or even reported to the police as a terrorists. The one percent live by different rules. Many have blood on their hands but the actual murders take place on the opposite side of the world- and the elite always give generously to police charities.


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