Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Coffee made of cat poo.

The Economist magazine gives a way free coffee made of car poo. This is the most expensive coffee in the world- so why do they do it?

They do it because once I have tried the coffee they know I will write about it in some form.

The coffiee was actually quite good authough I would not pay a premium for it. 
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The top photograph is of a war memorial at Oxford. It is always worthwhile wandering round such places to draw in the atmosphere. The second is of the cat poo ladies.

I was stopped by this trio of young ladies who offered me some free coffee and a copy of the latest issue of the Economist. I had a double espresso that was unusually smooth. It was only when I told the ladies that I did not have time to read their excellent publication that they told me that I had (quite literally) been drinking cat poo.

Cat poo coffee is possibly the most expensive in the world (from fruit eating civet cats). So why does the Economist use it?

Would I be blogging about the Economist if it were a cheaper kind?

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