Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Athenaeum Club and other places.

Many of us suffer a from of spiritual homelessness. All places are the same these days.- Diversity and inclusiveness have become homogenizing forces. We dare not differ from the norm for fear of offending someone. When all places (and people) become identical  none of them can be home.

A few places exist where the Borg may not find us. They are open only to a few but this hurts no one as everyone is entitled to form their own association.

Everyone needs a second home.

I took the photograph below while ear-wigging a tour guide who specialised in lesbian tours. She was in two minds about the place. On the one hand she felt it must be full of gay men. One the other she felt they must be sexist gay men as the Athenaeum Club is one of the few remaining gentleman's clubs in London.

In the 1960's it was fashionable to rail against gentleman's clubs as if they were denying women something simply by existing. In fact few women would wished to join. It was rather like a cat who always wants to go through the door that is closed to it- and then changes its mind.

There is very little complaint about gentleman's clubs these days. Society seems to have grown up on the issue. In fact there are more and women only clubs that do not seem to bother men in the slightest.

The Athenaeum is a garden shed for rich men.
A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

The top photograph is the Tallow Chandlers Hall. The other is the Athenaeum Club.

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