Sunday, 26 October 2014

Crockett and Jones, Jermyn St.

The rich spend big but they spend seldom.

Find pleasure in ownership, not purchase.

I visited the Crockett and Jones store in Jermyn street but did not try on any of the shoes. If I had done so I would surely have bought a pair and the really nice ones cost about £700.

When I finally do so it will be a 'buy it for life' purchase. I have my eye on the shoe on the bottom shelf second from the left. This has a thick rubber sole that should last forever and is made of a water resistant leather. It should be possible to walk across a muddy field and scrub them later in a bucket of water.

Are they worth it? No idea. Do I want them? Yes.
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Crocket and jones- the current James Bond shoe.

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