Friday, 19 September 2014

Hidden power is real power.

Westminster is the historical term for what we now call London (the area that was historically called London is now known as the City). The word is now used as slang for the established power of the British state excluding the City and local authorities.

I am already a UK citizen but. What must I do to truly be a member of the Westminster club?

Just as with the City, there is a great deal more to the British Constitution than most people realise.

Britain is run by a very small group of politically correct toffs and financiers. These people have no loyalty to the country they rule and many do not even like it very much. Some of the people who are listened to most have never visited the UK and cannot speak English- yet still they are part of the establishment and you are not. I am talking here about the bureaucrats of the European Union and the United Nations as well as the bond ratings agencies and the high priests of international law.

Is Britain a a democracy?

  • Did you vote for David Cameron? You may think you did but in reality you voted for your MP. The Prime Minister was appointed by the Queen!
  • Did you choose your MP? Only in part. You selected from a list of candidates with PC values that were selected by the establishment. You simply selected the colour of the rosette.
  • The size of the national debt precludes radical economic experiments. The nation is run by the bankers whoever is elected.
  • Hate speech laws are so vague that we all break them every day. The establishment choose who is and who is not guilty according to their own needs and not yours.
We need to join the establishment as this is where power lies and not in the ballot box. This is as difficult as becoming a citizen of another country but it can be done.

Joining the establishment was once possible simply by gaining a degree but unfortunately even toilet attendants have degrees these days. You need letters after your name and (ideally) royal connections. Even then your face must fit and you must fake the 'correct' left leaning opinions to be considered.

The quickest way to achieve these things is to join a leaned society such as the Royal Society of Arts pictured above. This society is not limited to the arts. Karl Marx was a member. You will need to be approved by a royal patron but if Marx could fix this then I think most of us should be able to do so.

Some professional societies offer letters after the name but with lesser seniority. The only downside is one feels a prat for using them.

Other forms of establishment street cred.
  • Create an apparent relationship. Women tend to be drawn to high status men so being in a relationship is high status. The same method does not work as well for women.
  • Earn a degree in a real subject.
  • Own your own home. This once brought voting rights and the British still regard it as a marker of responsibility and adulthood.
  • Be politically correct in public but honest in private.
  • Join the Church of England which is a strangely agnostic form of religion. It does some good work and maintains some spectacular buildings but most of all it is a social association for establishment types. The CofE appoints bishops to the House of Lords with no accountability to the public at large.
  • Generate a slight air of menace. You should hide behind political correctness when it is available but if you appear to believe your own story you will be seen as weak or a fool. Aim to be the wolf in sheep's clothing. Very few establishment types believe in political correctness and they have contempt for those who do.
Every individual plan will differ but my own plan (which is the only one I can write about) is broadly as follows.

  • Become a Freeman of the City of London. This may be done in three years at a cost of £2000 or so and some time. This, along with membership of a Livery Company is more valuable than Freemasonry and does not get the conspiracy theorists on your case in the same way.
  • Join a Professional Society. This is tax-deductible and often gives the right to letters after the name.
  • Join a Leaned Society such as the RSA.
  • A gentleman's club is optional and usually the most expensive option on this list.

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