Sunday, 8 June 2014

What women know and men do not.

Women have been winning the game of economics for many years. What do women know that men do not?

They know that body weight is as important as intelligence.

The City is full of beautiful people and all of them are slim. Women worry more about body weight than do men- and women have been doing better than men economically for years.

We also find that wealthy people are also more likely to have a gym membership than the poor- despite having less time to work out.

I do not think this a coincidence.
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We have a duty to enjoy. 
Our attractiveness as people is largely determined by our ability to enjoy life. Women devote more time to pleasure than do men (chocolate, massage, clothing, scented candles ext). This contributes to their ability to draw people in.

Most people try to make their life seem as pleasurable and varied as possible on Facebook to make themselves more interesting. If we are seeking new friends (and we all are to some extent) we need to make our existing life seem something other people would like a part of.

It is possible to increase ones living standard by enjoying more of what is cheap locally.

This may be achieved by relocating or by developing local tastes. This is not actually something specific to women but specific to the middle class- and the middle class is largely female these days due to the larger numbers of women graduating from university.

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