Saturday, 22 February 2014

How to waste money well.

Each month I spend £25 on things I absolutely do not need.

In this way I reward myself for otherwise sensible choices.

First stop was Fortnum and Mason where I bought myself a large (250g) caddie containing Spiced Chai tea. Fortnum is one of my favourite places on earth. The simple act of shopping there is an event.

I spent an hour sniffing various tea samples- There is more variety in tea than you would assume. The entertainment value alone was probably worth the money.

I hope that this tea will help me lose weight. This is because it is so strongly flavoured that my palate will think that I have eaten something. The cost was £9.25 including a reusable caddie. This may seem a lot but it compares well with alternatives of the same quality. When I come to refill it the cost will be reduced.

I buy some sandalwood soap from another theatrical shop Taylor's of Old Bond Street. This is just as mad in its way as Fortnum and Mason on the same street. I spend another hour examining about a hundred traditional shaving brushes and learning the difference between the qualities of badger. The place should be a museum.

The soap will keep my clothes fresh and will last me some time. Even expensive soap costs only pennies a day.

The remainder was spent of coffee and cake.

The point is that luxury can sometimes offer value. The art is to gain pleasure from the purchase three times over.

a) Enjoy the act of purchasing.

b) Enjoying the products.

c) Know that quality often pays in ways you would not expect.

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