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A Freeman of the City.

I will warn you in advance. You will have difficulty in believing what I am about to tell you.
Be a Freeman of the City.
A person can achieve a degree of independence by having the right of abode in multiple juristictions. Such a person is known as a Permanent Traveller (PT for short) and he shops for laws in much the way that other people shop for shirts.

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Most of the grander buildings of the City have mysterious double purposes.
 The City is a micro state in the heart of London rather like the Vatican state in Rome. It is known as the 'square mile' but is slightly larger. It plays at independence and even has its own small army authough it does not in fact have soverenty. It is architecturally similar in that it is largely made up of churches and ceremonial buildings. The most famous of these is St Paul's cathedral and the Middle, and Inner Temples but there is much, much more that few people see.

Th City has a constitution that resembles that of faciest Italy- though without a powerful central ruler. It is made up of three elements, the Church of England, the Aldermen and the Livery Companies.

City churches are quite unlike any other. They form the centre of a global charitable network of incalculable wealth. There are 98 functioning churches within the Square Mile but many more used for secular purposes which is more than may be found in the Vatican.

Most churches are hugely beautiful. Many contain odd artifacts such as wool. empty boxes or mummified humans.
City churches often display pagan, magical or even satanic symbolism. Gog and Magog are the spiritual guardians of the city as well as the leaders of the devils army at the end of the world.
There is no separation between Church and State within the City. This means that city churches engage in secular as well as religious ceremony.
The great wealth of Church of England churches within the square mile means that the City tends to hold disproportionate authority within the worldwide Anglican Church.

The City contains the Inns of Court, the Old Bailey and the Middle, and Inner Temples. These stand at the centre of the UK legal system and some other nations too.

The City is also home to the Royal College of Arms that deals with titles, heraldry and obscure rights associated with them. These often have greater meaning than realised.

The Bank of England controls UK interest rates, regulates the currency and protects the gold. It resides within the City but is not subject to its authority (but ignore the conspiracy nosense please).
The City manages forestry, controls and funds much of the education system, scientific research and many infrastructure projects.

In addition the City is home to the bond market which dictates UK economic policy.

The City has its own police force. This sometimes acts more like an overseas intelligence agency.
The City also operates its own foreign policy and conducts its own diplomatic operations. This includes many arts projects such as a full symphony orchestra which is used as an extension of its diplomatic efforts.

The City is not subject to UK control due to the Time Immemorial principle.

Much City power is exercised through one hundred or so Livery Halls. These resemble country houses in the middle of a busy city. They regulate British industry but are themselves self regulating.
The City clearly feels that UK law is optional to it and will openly disobey it at times.

The City even operates its own army. This is ceremonial and consists of middle aged men in the garb of medieval pike men.

The City has a degree of power over parliament in the form of the City Remembrancer. No other region or nation has this privilege.

The City is similar to the Monarchy in that it hides its power behind showmanship. The City has innumerable festivals and parades. Most involve animals, silly hats, music and beer.

The City also uses architecture in the same way by hiding metal animals, insects, green men, dragons, clocks, mythological figures and pagan gods into the fabric of the buildings. Most people are unaware of these until they are pointed out. I estimate there are about 10,000 of them.

The City is part theocracy in that there is no separation between church and state. Individual Livery companies each  'sponsor an alter' which in effect means supporting one of the huge profusion of churches the Church of England run within the City. In return of this the churches run social programmes that run worldwide that are open to all- religious or not. This church-state union is unique within the UK. Membership of the CoE thus gives a voice within the City.

The City is one of the three great finance centres of the world. Currently it is the greatest of the three. Unlike other centres it is possible for banks and insurance companies to vote in elections as if they were people.

Aldermen are elected representatives of the people (more or less) while Livery Companies are medieval guilds.
In order to be part of this circus one must become a Freeman.

There are many methods. The easiest for most people is to join a Livery Company for a few years until one is elevated.

You may pass Freeman status to your children. The main privilege to being a Freeman is the opportunity to serve the City. Being a Freeman is prestigious and allows membership to the City Livery Club where much of the business of the City is unofficially done.

Freemen are subject to UK taxation and laws. The city authorities are immune but the Freeman is not. Sometimes there is leeway however. To be a Freeman is to join the best business club in the world-
a female Freeman is still a Freeman.

A person must prove themselves to be of good character and be willing to work for the benefit of others to become a Freeman. It is the ultimate character reference.

Any person taking this route must be willing to donate a fair deal of cash. Any person working within the square mile will benefit because it creates a common bond between employer and candidate.

Freeman ship is also an interesting hobby in its own right and is for history buffs.

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