Saturday, 22 October 2016

The money religion.

I worked until recently as a security guard for a City bank which meant that I lived among the poor but worked among the rich. It was educational.

To pass the time I resolved to discover the differences between the two groups and- if this is possible- to teach 'richness' to the poor.
The rich shop in Aldi to save 5p on a can of beans. If they see a penny laying on the pavement they will pick it up when a poor person may not think it worth the bother. They do not need the money of course, and it is not even that they are obsessed with getting rich. Rich people seem less obviously materialistic than poor ones because they have fewer money worries.

This behaviour seems to be a form of religion among rich people. They respect small sums of money out of a kind of respect for money in general. They will buy quality when it pays to do so- but they will never just throw money away no matter how small the sum.
A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

These photographs were taken in a City pub where it is possible to drink real ale and be instructed in the virtues of thrift by monks as we do so.

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