Friday, 16 November 2012

Real life.

I have been doing 'float' work to keep from signing on. I passed this heartbreaking sight on my way to the assignment.

I saw this sort of thing in Argentina but never thought I would do so in the UK. Here is somebody who had tried to live an honest and industrious life and is forced to sell their possessions. This hardly ever happens to the unemployed because they have government housing. Only the employed have mortgages and this means they become homeless when they lose their job.

My job was to guard.. nothing.

Warehouses receive tax breaks for being in active use an for this reason they spread their goods about. Sometimes they will even store literal rubbish to fill the space.

Well. It has occured to the guys at the top that they do not need a guy like me to guard empty space so this job will not last long either.

Oh well.

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