Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Alpha Strategy. Finance for Survivalists.

The alpha strategy has nothing to do with alpha in the investment sense. It has even less to do with alpha in the pick up sense.

The thing I love about the Alpha Strategy is that it may be read on Monday and acted upon on Tuesday.

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The Alpha Strategy is a system of personal finance much beloved by the American survivalist movement. It aims to protect the individual against the effects of inflation by moving money out of paper assets such as bank deposits, shares and so on and into material things such as gold, real estate or anything that may be directly used. It is attracting attention right now because the central banks of the world are generating credit (or to put it more honestly, debt) and this tends to work its way through the system and become inflation.

One should not invest ones entire fortune in any one philosophy- particularly one favoured by so many conspiracy theorists. Nevertheless there are many rational people who invest ten percent of their portfolio in very similar schemes. This amounts to an insurance policy rather than an investment philosophy.

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