Thursday, 25 October 2012

Prepping for fun and profit.

Let us be honest about it. Prepping and survivalism are hobbies- they are useful hobbies but they are still hobbies.

My own approach is to treat my prepping as I would treat any other hobby. I spend a small sum each month and do not get too obsessed about it.

Prepping is Survivalism with an English accent. The emphasis is less on firearms and right wing politics and more on everyday hazards such as household fires and floods. Maybe I am being unfair to our US cousins because there are plenty of them who take this approach too. I particularly like the Urban Survival Podcast. The Survival Mom is an interesting mix of US style Zombie Apocalypse and maternal good sense. While the Survival Podcast is also good but has a US focus on retreating to the countryside that does not translate well to the UK.

If you are doing it right then prepping should help you in your normal life. Prepping is simply being prepared- not just from the big things such as the zombie plague but smaller things such as chip pan fires or dog attacks or even unemployment.

I am just starting out and have begun to assemble various kits for various purposes. Before doing anything you should know what you are prepping against. I live in a small block of flats on the river Thames that I recently discovered is a flood plane. This means that the primary threats are the risk of flood and the risk of fire coming from another flat.

A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on
The top photograph is of a statue few people notice. It is of a naked woman on a window ledge in London. What does it mean? I have no idea. The second is an abandoned factory in Birmingham- both beautiful and sinister.

I live on the first floor and am unlikely to be flooded myself but will certainly have to live without power and fresh water if flooding occurs. To counter this I bought myself a solid fuel camping stove, a wind up torch and some beer with reusable bottles that I then filled with water. This cost less than twenty pounds in total because I waited for them to turn up at ALDI (they have random offers each Thursday). The point is that these items are duel use. I have not used the camping stove but the torch has been useful and the beer was good.

By assembling tools for every eventuality I will become a resource to my friends and I will save money too. Maybe the skills I learn will save a life one day.

Here is a useful UK blog that I will follow.

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